Armageddon…The End Of Mankind?

is this cherry a (GMO) Genetically modified or...

is this cherry a (GMO) Genetically modified organism? (Photo credit: Kalexanderson)

When introducing a GMO into the environment, it’s not like a chemical product or even like a nuclear product because GMOs are alive and because they are alive they are inherently more unpredictable once they are placed into an environment. GMOs can reproduce and that introduces a whole lot of variables…for proof, look at any large family over a couple of generations or more. GMOs can mutate and they can spread themselves over large areas, pollinated by various means ranging from a good, stiff wind, to bees and other flying insects, to a farmer‘s jeans brushing against a plant and carrying the pollen from on field into the next. And unlike a defective car or washing machine the manufacturer cannot recall them, replace the defective part and return them good as new to their happy customers!

And then ther is the issue of Genetic Use Restriction Policy or GURT. Monsanto has the technology for ‘terminator’ or ‘suicide seeds‘ but has agreed not to use it due to concerns raised by the UN, NGOs and aboriginal peoples the world over. But some would say that Monsanto has already blurred the ‘line in the dirt’. There are two terminator technologies. VGURT keeps farmers dependent on Monsanto because seeds are rendered sterile after one growing season. TGURT sells seeds that will grow but the enhanced characteristics are dependent on a spray or other treatment patented by Monsanto. For now, farmers need to sign complicated documents assuring the company that they will not save seeds.

We have all heard of the end of mankind during a fierce battle between the forces of good and evil at a place called Armageddon. But perhaps the end of mankind will not come as a result of nuclear holocaust, or international bio-terrorism or shifting poles due to climate change. It may be a simple and innocuous as pollen borne on the wind from one field contaminated by GMOs to another and another while we all die of malnutrition or cancer surrounded by row upon row of farm fresh poison!

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